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Company profile

mapa působnosti

  • We offer our customers added value in service and assembly capacity Electrical engineering,, Instrumentation and Control as a result of the merger of ELSEV s.r.o. and OKMP s.r.o.
  • Companies in the group INELSEVhave professionally trained staff with years of experience in the field and an adequate technical basis for meeting customer requirements.
  • The modern history of counts since 1993, but continues the nearly fifty-year tradition in the maintenance, installation and repair of chemical and power plants.
  • Rules quality, safety work and care Environment are implemented in all management processes and internal standards.

Company description

  • INELSEV Servis s.r.o., Záluží 1, Litvínov 436 70 (premise ORLEN Unipetrol RPA s.r.o.)
  • Identification number: 61327603
  • Capital: 12 000 000,-Kč
  • The number of permanent employees: 300

Subject of business

  • Comprehensive maintenance ELECTRO, MEASUREMENT and CONTROL in the industry.
  • Installation, repair, inspection and testing of electrical equipment.
  • Installation, repair, inspection and test equipment measurement, control.
  • Installation, repair, inspection and testing of gas equipment and filling gases.
  • Manufacture and repair of electrical machinery, apparatus and transformers.
  • Manufacture, installation and repair of electronic and telecommunications equipment.
  • Installation, repair and renovation of air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pumps.
  • Poskytování technických služeb k ochraně majetku a osob.
  • Testing, measurement, analysis and control.
  • Design of electrical equipment.

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